Can you use a vibrator when you have your period

W tym dziale mogą się odbywać na rozmowy na wszystkie inne, czyli na dowolne tematy, nie związane z tematyką czyszczenia.
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Can you use a vibrator when you have your period

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Autumn wedding: advantages and disadvantages of celebrating it in this season
An autumn wedding, although it may not seem like it, has many more advantages than inconveniences. The weddings that are celebrated during the summer are beautiful, that nobody does not doubt it, but, the truth is that it is too hot, and in the spring there are many people who have allergies.
The autumn ceremonies are more romantic and bucolic than those held at any time of the year, because the autumn has a magic and a special color that no one can deny, we are relaxed because the summer is over and the routine begins again. In addition, you can enjoy a special menu with seasonal products such as red fruits or pumpkin.

The autumn is a season that, due to various aspects, becomes ideal for celebrating a wedding
Since your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and if you are still considering the dates of the wedding, keep reading this article because you will be interested in knowing the best and the least good thing about getting married in autumn.
The best thing to celebrate a wedding in autumn The temperature The time of the year from September 23 to December 21 is one of the most pleasant in our country, since that the average temperature is about 16 degrees, so, you will not have to go through the summer sweats and have to touch up a thousand times the makeup to make it perfect.
The price If you are a bit adjusted with the budget sure that this advantage is the most attractive, and is that with the arrival of autumn, is no longer considered high season in the sector of weddings, so the celebration of the ceremony is much cheaper than in summer or spring.
On the other hand, your guests will also thank you, because holding a wedding in autumn means that there have been some previous reductions, and this means that they can take advantage to buy the suit during these. Saving money? It never hurts!
The light If you want the pictures of the ceremony to be spectacular, without a doubt, the most perfect light is that of autumn, since there is not as much as in summer, nor as little as in winter , so you can do with a perfect book.
And as the sun in autumn begins to hide sooner you can use artificial light bulbs to give a more warm touch to the place and thus create a wedding that is pure magic, and where the details are the most important.
The originality It seems silly, but the celebrations of autumn enhance our creativity much more, since there are no seasonal flowers, which, in addition, is a great advantage for allergy sufferers. Therefore, you have to be creative and ingenious so that the ceremony is filled with light and color.
In spite of not being a flowery time, the otonal landscape can also become an original scenario
One of the ideas that is most fashionable and with which you will triumph will be with lavender that will give a very special touch to the celebration, without a doubt, if you want your wedding to be remembered you have to fill it with details so that no one forgets she.
Choose the place you want The same thing happens when you're trying to book an apartment to spend your summer vacation, it happens with weddings at this time of year, no matter how hard you never find the place you want because they have already reserved it previously, and it is your day, a unique day and you deserve to celebrate it wherever you want.
Full capacity On the day of your wedding you want the largest number of family and friends to go, that is clear, but if you celebrate your wedding in summer you run the risk that many people go on vacation and can not go to your link Therefore, October is usually a safe bet for all the world that you adore and need in your celebration.
The worst thing about celebrating a wedding in the fall Less light Although you will have a death light for the photographs, you also have to bear in mind that there are fewer hours of sun, and so So much light, because it gets dark before. If you are daylight lovers this can be a disadvantage.
Layers Being an autumn wedding, and although the temperature is ideal, since it is neither too cold nor hot, at night it refreshes, so you should get a jacket and change your shoes Booties if you're too chilly. You should also ask yourself if you want your dress to wear French or long sleeve, which may increase the price. This series of supplements can inflate your final budget, but one day is a day and first of all it is important that you feel comfortable and comfortable.
<img alt = "Autumn sometimes arrives sooner than expected and time may not accompany this day" src = "images / 3.jpg" /> <img class = "lazy" alt = "Autumn sometimes arrives sooner than expected and the time may not accompany this day "data-done =" 0 "data-original =" images / 3.jpg "> The fall sometimes arrives earlier than expected and the time may not accompany this day
Rain? Autumn is unpredictable, so if your celebration is going to take place in this season you should keep it in mind because it may be a perfect day or a rainy day because the autumn is treacherous. So you should have prepared a plan B for your guests to continue enjoying the ceremony and forget about the rain.

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