How to make vibrator at home How to orgasm mtf

W tym dziale mogą się odbywać na rozmowy na wszystkie inne, czyli na dowolne tematy, nie związane z tematyką czyszczenia.
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How to make vibrator at home How to orgasm mtf

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п»їThe most dangerous sexual postures for the penis
When the issue of safe sex is addressed, it is usually related to the importance of using protection against sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. But it is also important to bear in mind that sex is a physical activity and, therefore, if it is not practiced correctly, unwanted injuries can occur in any part of the body, including the penis.
It is important to keep in mind that sex is a physical activity
Sexual injuries occur, they are a reality more common than we can imagine, and not necessarily as a result of particularly inventive or risky sexual positions. There is a study conducted by the medical journal International Journal of Impotence Research in which 90 men between 18 and 66 years of age who had suffered fractures in the penis were examined. In this study they indicated what position they were practicing when they were injured.
Subsequently, the researchers classified each of these positions in order of injuries, that is, from the positions that caused the most injuries to the least. Without a doubt, the results were surprising. Let's see three of the most dangerous sexual positions for the penis below.
Puppy position
The position: The person who is going to receive the penetration is placed on all fours, with knees and hands supported, or is placed on his knees with the torso lying on the bed or surface where they are. The person who is going to penetrate is placed behind, being able to take the hips of his companion for the penetration, which can be both vaginal and anal.
It is advisable not to perform the penetration abruptly
Risks: According to the study mentioned above, this sexual position is the one that causes more injuries to the penis. To avoid problems, it is advisable not to perform the penetration abruptly, but it is better to wait until the partner or companion is prepared or prepared. It is also important that the man who is willing to penetrate to ensure that his penis is fully erect, this avoids the risk of twisting or moving in an unnatural direction.
Position of the missionary
The position: The woman lies on her back and the man gets on top for the penetration. In this position there is visual contact.
Risks: This is probably the most practiced sexual position in the world, for its simplicity and apparent safety, but nevertheless, it is not free of risks. According to the aforementioned study, the position of the missionary is the second sexual position that causes more lesions in the penis, and therefore, the second more risky although it is hard to believe. In this position the man gets on top of the woman and controls the movement, which represents a lower risk of fracture or injury. However, the problems appear when the man gets too excited and does not control the strength of his thrusts. It is in this moment of uncontrolled passion when the penis can suffer some injury.
The missionary is the second sexual posture that causes more lesions in the penis
Position of the cowgirl
The position: The woman is placed on the man while he remains lying down, she sits on his penis for penetration. In this position the woman can face the man or with her back to him.
Risks: Although it was thought at first that this sexual position would be the most dangerous for men, it actually occupies the third position. In this position the man loses control of the frequency and vigor of the penetration, and this predisposes him to suffer injuries. The whole weight of the woman is on the man, and if she makes a bad move it will be the penis that suffers the consequences. Therefore, if the woman introduces the penis abruptly, too quickly or twists or turns abnormally, it can cause a sexual injury to the penis, or even its fracture. The reverse cowgirl, when the woman is facing away from the man, is probably the most risky version and the one that can most harm the partner's penis.
If she makes a bad move it will be the penis that suffers the consequences
Contusions We have seen sexual postures that can be risky if they are not performed correctly or with some control of the fire, but there are other sexual practices that do not require penetration and are still dangerous for the integrity of the penis. We refer to various forms of masturbation, sexual intercourse and other alternative practices that can cause the penis to fracture.
For example, masturbation objects that cause penile sprains, such as canned vaginas, can be used. Using women's breasts to masturbate in the wrong way can also be problematic if too much force is used when ejaculating on the neck of the companion, in addition to the chafing that can occur if a good lubricant is not used.
You have to control the intensity when it comes to pressing the penis
Sexual relations and sadomasochistic practices can also endanger the integrity of the penis. To step on it, to crush it, or to use objects that press it can cause a lot of pleasure to many men, but if the intensity is not controlled, the pleasure can turn into an unbearable pain as well.
What happens if the penis is 'broken'? When something serious happens to your penis, you or your companion will listen like a snap, this happens when the tissue of the penis is torn. If this happens, you should go to a hospital quickly. In addition to the psychological trauma that can cause, in the most severe cases the urethra can be damaged causing problems with urination.
In addition to the penetrating pain that can affect the affected, the penis can also swell and look like an eggplant. Many men are embarrassed about this situation and try to avoid going to the doctor, but these repairs should be quickly dismissed from the mind because if it happens to you, you will not be the first or the last with a problem of these characteristics, and the most urgent in this situation. is to prevent the injury from getting worse.
Physical injuries can also happen and are not so rare
The emotional support of the couple is essential, so if your partner has injured his penis it is important that you accompany him at all times, be with him in the hospital and offer him all the emotional support he needs. In these moments, you will be the person who most needs your side to overcome both this trauma and the recovery process.
Conclusions With this article we do not want to alarm you about sex. But it is true that more emphasis is placed on sexually transmitted diseases when it comes to talking about safe sex, without taking into account that physical injuries can also happen, and that these, in fact, are not as infrequent as we could be. imagine. Therefore, when it comes to practicing sex do not neglect contagious diseases and look for forms of pleasure that do not endanger the physical integrity of you or your partner. In sex there are many ways to enjoy and have fun safely!

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